Intermediate Level – 2 Years subscription – Accelerated Path to Black Belt in 2 Years

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Intermediate Level – Accelerated Path to Black Belt in 2 Years

$127/months save 64%

Unlock the power of Krav Maga efficiently and save big with our 24-month subscription. Enjoy an impressive 74% discount, allowing you to dive straight into the action and accelerate your progress.

If you already possess prior Krav Maga or martial arts experience, our Intermediate Level subscription plan is ideal for you. Building upon your existing knowledge, you’ll fast-track your progress towards the coveted Black Belt rank. With a more condensed timeline of 2 years, you’ll delve deeper into advanced techniques, sharpen your reflexes, and enhance your tactical understanding. This plan is designed to challenge and refine your skills, allowing you to achieve your Black Belt status in a shorter timeframe.